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Let me take this time to reassure you, I am Extremely careful about what is going on. I am already OCD about cleanliness, but it's at a whole new level now. I am currently only taking 2 appointments per day,  (first 2 to confirm, call EARLY)  hours apart, so I can change everything, shower, & sterilize everything. When you come in, your shoes stay at the door, as any of mine do that I wear outside. You & I both  wash our hands, so we both know each other have clean hands!   All you have to touch is the soap dispenser, faucet & linens you will be on. Each of those things are sanitized, changed, (even the pillow), no worries. If you are coughing, or sneezing, even allergies, stay home for everyone's safety. You are welcome to wear a mask, I do not mind at all. I will repeat this, b/c people seem to miss this. IF YOU ARE SCARED, or going to act paranoid, wait to call when all of that has passed. You will NOT get full enjoyment of your experience if you show up scared of anything. YOU are safe here.  Book once you believe that.  I want YOU to have an enjoyable experience, If you are scared to come here, that hinders your enjoyment level & defeats my purpose.

Read Website, Call, Leave ALL times available to be here & a cell phone callback #. That's it. Pretty simple. I do not need any other info.

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11-8PM Daily