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Please be aware, that there are good & bad reviews, for Me & any other  Independent Massage Provider b/c this IS the internet. Trolls are a dime a dozen. What you need reviews for is to make sure the person is 1) REAL & 2) SAFE. The rest is going to depend on your personal preference. Blonde, Brunette, skin color, type of work, etc.  Most men will post a review ONLY when pissed off. I had a regular tell me he wouldn't  post a review on anyone he DID like the services of, because he doesn't want them too busy & not be able to get him in. I do know for a fact the Asian Parlors that get busted about once a month, along with the clients in there at the time, write fake reviews. I do know a MAN, I never saw, never would see, does NOT know me, wrote a negative review about me, beacause HE messed up the booking process. He states in the review he does NOT know me, never saw me. Yet he was at fault.  I always post in my ad, "READ THE WEBSITE BEFORE CALLING."  This is so you don't mess up when booking. Every single thing I do as part of the booking process if for PRIVACY from both standpoints. My regulars appreciate that. & any new clients should as well. I do not play games, & am 100% real. I do not like wasting my serious client's time. Anyone should always make sure the  provider you choose to see is SAFE, CLEAN & VERY DISCREET. The rest is common sense & personal preference.

PREVIOUS CLIENTS~ Already know my location, just pull in AT your appointment time.

NEW CLIENTS! I do NOT give out my address, for obvious reasons, I willl get you AT a location near me & have you call me from that exact area  (not 5 miles away)  AT your time you are given ON MY PHONE. Not webtext #. That is not monitored.  I will always confirm you if I give you an appointment.

50% of the NEW CLIENTS that call, mess that up. Because they have not read my website, or what I sent them. Do your homework for ANYwhere you go.

100% of my Previous Clients understand why I do things the way I do. Privacy Respect,  for everyone.