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It's very simple to establish yourself as a new client. I do NOT need personal info, ever. This is VERY Private, no worries. To book~ 11-8PM Daily

Read Website

Call Phone number on here *** Texts are blocked & will not go thru~

Leave a message, & a good call back number for you.

**LEAVE A MESSAGE, or you cannot get an appointment** **Leave NUMBER, & do not assume we know what number was yours**

EXTRA Precautions are being taken here, where it is ALWAYS #Sterile & #Safe. I would like for you to leave your shoes by the door, then I will show you the restroom so you can wash your hands thoroughly before entering the Massage room. I will do the same before you get here, before your Massage & after. This is not meant to be offensive at all, just protective for you, me, & all others~

IF you are scared, wait to call when you are no longer scared, it DOES kill the Vibe~

You will get a text back from a 910 webtext # IF your specific time requested can be accomodated you can text that number back during that conversation. It is webtext & conversations disappear  automatically once it's closed out.

Please read over the sessions, I will go over them with you when you arrive. Come prepared for the perfect session for you. They are ALL different.

                         Mistress Star

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