SWEETRUBS~...The Art of Erotica.....Wilmington N.C.'s Favorite Girl! *NURU Specialist*

Erotic Touch......

It's Very easy to get an appointment & I do NOT keep, or want to keep your phone number. But I DO need it to get back.to you.  When I look at my phone there may be 16 phone calls & 8 Voice Mails. I use the *WEBTEXT* B/C I have learned it's discreet,  NOT connected to me or my website, & easy, in case we are missing each other, & they auto delete when I sign out of the conversation. It IS FIRST to confirm, so if you get a text from my 910# *WEBtext*,  that I have an opening at 3, I am sending that to everyone that put a request in for that time. My time can be limited, so the first to confirm gets it.** IF  it is yours, I will Confirm & give you info you need.
**I am in WILMINGTON N.C.***
 Do NOT Book, then cancel minutes later. You are messing up my time & others. Call when you are SURE, have NO questions, & are not worried about something you should NOT be worried about. You DO have to leave an initial Voice Mail. It is POINTLESS to call my phone & not leave a msg. I am only screening for my safety, your voice, your msg, making sure you have been to the website, & IF I have that availability open. I Can't call or text everyone back, so, it's ONLY the ones I have an opening for, that didn't sound crazy or trashy. 
Always call me at your appt time. You do NOT need to be early, especially if you know where I am & show UP early...I would not want someone doing that while you are here either. At your appt time, I am READY, phone in hand. If you are late, call anyway & let me know. ALWAYS call the 704#, ..the 910 is NOT a phone, & my phone does not receive  texts,  As I stated before on this site, they ARE blocked , b/c I do not book like that. I care about my safety, so I know how to care about yours too. 
These are not  *I'm driving by" right now can you see me?" Type of appts. These are "Scheduled" so you are not rushed, & KNOW you're coming, & be prepared. I would question places that let just anything walk in at anytime...You CAN call me last minute, It  makes NO difference to me when you call. I am just letting you know, I have 90 minute appts, I may be in a  session when you call, I may be at the bank, I may be at the studio. Booking in advance, or as much ahead as you can, makes the window more open to get you in.  It never hurts to *Try* last minute, but YOU can make getting an appt More Likely by planning this ahead. I do everything I do, the way I do it, for a reason. It's always for discretion & safety on both parts. When you understand this, you will appreciate that someone is really thinking outside of their box & Yours. This is supposed to be enjoyable & fun. I wrote this paragraph to make the chances of that  happening, even better.
 NO information is kept, I do NOT need your name, or any other personal info. The above is all I need for ME to book YOU. There's definately sketchy places, *Opening* RE Opening, that is what I would be worried about. If they get closed down & you are IN there..GUESS who will be staying there for a while?  HOURS..Yeah, I wouldn't want to be in there. It also doesn't matter if you've been there before, they change workers like everyone should change their underwear. Ever wonder WHY?   They are cracking down on them for human tracking, which I am completely against. They get closed down & re open under "New Management" You do not want to be in there when they get shut down, you will be detained for hours. If you do not believe me, just watch the news.